Be Unstoppable

Be Unstoppable


An Award-Winning Entrepreneur and Business Leader

An unrelenting work ethic is essential in creating massive success. But, with the right motivation and guidance, our dreams are more attainable than we thought possible. It’s time to experience the freedom of living life on our own terms.

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DON’T BE NORMAL, BE UNSTOPPABLE is so much more than a self-help book. It’s a raw, gritty and honest look into the author’s life and the story of how one man came from nothing to achieve great success. Ryan Saxman shares his experience of being raised by a single mother in less-than-ideal circumstances and how he fell in with a bad crowd and turned to drugs and alcohol to cope.

Fueled by his mother’s love and encouragement, Ryan joined the Coast Guard and turned his life around. Now a successful real-estate investor, he wants to share the secrets of his success.

He takes real-life examples of how everything from the food we eat to the music we listen to and the hobbies in which we engage affect our moods, motivation and drive. Step-by-step and chapter-by-chapter, he breaks down the typical day of an ultra-successful person. He also outlines what readers need to do to reach their dreams and goals. Ryan’s advice is both practical and simple.

Readers will gain a solid understanding of how making small changes in everyday habits can reap huge rewards in saving money and becoming happier. This book is powerful enough to change lives, jobs and relationships.

DON’T BE NORMAL, BE UNSTOPPABLE will stay with readers long after they finish it. Inspirational, funny, and easy to follow, this book is for anyone who wants to improve their day-to-day life or their long-term goals. With faith, focus, and unwavering determination you can turn any thought into your reality.